House Cleaning Service in Kyle, TX

If you are looking for a house cleaning service in Kyle, TX, one of the fastest growing cities in Texas, you have found a new house cleaning friend. Castle Cleaning is a professional house cleaning service that can attend to your home weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, one-off, and even special occasions. We can clean your family’s home to suit your needs, with affordable rates.

If you are new to Kyle, the city was founded in 1881 by Captain Fergus Kyle.

From 1892 to 1901, Kyle was the childhood home of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Katherine Anne Porter. Many of her most famous short stories, such as “Noon Wine”, are set in locations in and around Kyle.

There are lots to do here including golf at the Plum Creek Golf Course, well maintained and clean and those who love golf, love playing here; the Katherine Anne Porter Literary Center; swimming at the Kyle Swimming Pool; fishing at Lake Kyle Park; and Kyle Market Days taking place from April through September, on the second Saturday of each month. It is a great place to meet local people and buy local, fresh fruits and vegetables.

House Cleaning Service in Kyle, TX

Now you won’t want to be cleaning when you can be outdoors in the sunny weather enjoying life with your family.

But, you say, I have heard many horror stories about housekeepers who didn’t work out. the reason usually is stealing. Our housekeepers are licensed, bonded, and insured. We carry insurance which generally covers any damage the housekeeper cause, or any negligence on their behalf while serving your house.

Another plus to using a house cleaning service in Kyle, TX.

if your private cleaner falls sick and is out of action for a couple of weeks or one or more of her own children are sick and cannot be left on their own, your house suffers maybe at the same time as the big gala you planned. With us, however, we have multiple cleaning crews to ensure continuity of service for you.

How Do You Find a House Cleaning Service in Kyle, TX

Do your due diligence. You could look at a professional cleaning company to undertake your cleaning needs. Sure, you may pay a little more, but you will have some advantages in selecting a professional cleaning company.

For instance: there is a professional cleaning company that has served the Austin area for nearly 20 years. They know the ins and outs of the house cleaning business. Their name is Castle Cleaning. They do not hire just anyone off the street. Everyone that is interviewed undergoes a background check before they are welcomed into the company and your home. Then they undergo rigorous on the job training by their managers/supervisors to make sure that they operate the way Castle Cleaning wants them to. If they make mistakes, they are hauled back for more training.

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