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Are you tired of hiring a regular maid service that doesn’t arrive on time, or sometimes doesn’t show up at all? Or maid services in Austin TX that cuts corners and doesn’t bother to clean them?

Hiring Professionals Saves Time and Money

A maid can save you a significant amount of hours doing jobs you hate to do, like bathrooms, windows, and moping. By hiring professionals to clean your house regularly, you can concentrate on your guests and never again worry about the house will look. The saved time will result in a more relaxed you.

Peace of Mind

Having maid service with a set cleaning routine come in everyday cuts back on your own time and money spent, while letting you rest easy knowing the professionals will leave your home sparkling when they are done. Your morale will soar when you walk into a clean home.

Healthy Environment

A house needs a good thorough cleaning, weekly. We know how you clean your house, and we train our employees in proper and thorough house cleaning, leaving you with a clean and germ-free environment. that can reduce the chances of your family getting sick.

Having a Party?

Why not let one of our experienced managers visit with you and arrange to have our professionally trained, 3 person maid crews clean your home before and after your party, on business days only. We will visit you the day before your party to clean everything up for you and visit you after the party to clean up for you, leaving your house sparkling clean again.

Castle Cleaning has a reputation in and around Austin, including Round Rock, Westlake, Cedar Park, San Antonio, etc., of being one of the best maid and house cleaning services available. Our professional staff, with an English-speaking supervisor, are always on time, courteous, and easy-to-work-with.

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