Which is Better: Individual or Company House Cleaning Services?

Following on from our initial How To Choose a House Cleaning Service, this is perhaps a good time to consider whether we want to choose a private house cleaner, or a business that specializes in House Cleaning Services – a company like Castle Cleaning in Austin Texas, for example.

Private House Cleaning Services

If you feel that a private house cleaner will better serve you, then you should look for referrals from your friends or relatives that may speak highly of some individuals. A private house cleaner is probably going to be a lady that will come in and take care of your house cleaning for you, probably about once a week. She will have her own home obviously, and will be used to cleaning and everything it entails. She will probably expect you to provide the cleaning materials for her and will give you a list of what she needs for her next visit. So it will be the price of her visit and service plus the price of the cleaning materials.

So far, so good. But will she be licensed, bonded and insured? Probably no, no, and no. And her own home insurances liability will not stretch to cover and negligence on her behalf. However, these are not big deals, or deal breakers. They are merely factors that arise when dealing with unlicensed individuals. There are millions of them around the country all trying to earn a little extra to make ends meet – and there is nothing wrong with this.

Business House Cleaning Services

The other option you have to choose from is whether to choose from a business whose services include professional house cleaning. When choosing to have a business service come and clean your house, you perhaps may be a little better served than the private house cleaner. Firstly, a business will usually be licensed, bonded and insured. And you should ask to see these credentials if signing up with them. With the insurance factor will come liability which generally covers any damage they cause, or any negligence on their behalf while serving your house. With these factors, the cost of your service will obviously be a little higher than the private person.

The business service may even have an “a la carte” style menu of services you can choose from. This means that you will get exactly what you want when choosing their services.

Another plus to using a business house cleaning service is, if your private cleaner falls sick and is out of action for a couple of weeks. Or one or more of her own children are sick and cannot be left on their own. Won’t be time to get a replacement in at such short notice. With a business, however, they will have cleaning crews scatter about that place and if your regular crew goes under because of sickness or some other reason, an alternative crew would be dispatched in your direction very quickly to ensure continuity of service for you.

There are plenty of options

to either service: private will be a little cheaper but with the cost of materials, it could add up quite quickly. Business will be a little more reliable because of their experience and ability to move personnel around in times of sickness or staff shortages. Castle Cleaning for instance, has crews floating all over the Dallas and San Antonio area doing various business services and can easily divert one to your location if necessary.

By the way, Castle Cleaning has English-speaking, supervised crews usually three people who are experienced in house cleaning and can breeze through your house as a team, leaving your house sparkling clean for you and your family to enjoy.

And remember! Castle Cleaning do not cut corners, they clean ‘em!

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