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Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company Staff Trustworthy?

This is probably one of the most contentious questions any company is likely to get. However, it might be a little more critical for companies contracting outside companies to visit and perform, say, cleaning services for them. You can just imagine some of your regular office workers or other staff huddled at the water cooler discussing whether they can leave personal and other items on their desks when cleaning crews are set to come in and do their duty. This is a very reasonable thought process, though, and in this article, we will discuss some of the aspects of hiring cleaning staff.

Recently, Stuart Osantowski, principal at Castle Cleaning of Austin TX was interviewed about this very subject. He was happy to share this information:

When you hire residential or commercial cleaning company staff, what is your process?

We get most of our new employees as referrals from existing employees. This way, one of our employees can attest to the work ethic of a potential new worker to the hiring manager. Naturally, a friend could be biased, of course, but we know our existing staff very well, and with our low staff turnover, we would very soon find out if the new worker was capable of upholding the company name and reputation.

Do you do background checks?

All Castle Cleaning employees undergo criminal background checks before they are hired. No exceptions.

Do you check Driving records?

Not all staff are required to drive a vehicle on behalf of Castle Cleaning, and in most cases, a cleaning crew is driven by a supervisor to the cleaning location. All supervisors undergo both criminal and DMV background checks.

Do you check references and work history?

We check all references provided.

Are there any other types of checks you do?

We perform OTJ assessment to determine if a new potential hire truly has the cleaning experience and know-how necessary to become a trusted employee of Castle Cleaning.

Once hired, do you provide ongoing training or education, team building exercises, or anything else like that?

Every new employee undergoes new hire orientation which covers training on the ‘Castle Cleaning’ way of doing things and employee handbook review.

What differentiates your staff from others in the area?

In our industry, the annual staff turnover averages 150%. Here at Castle Cleaning, our turnover is less than 7% annually. We treat our staff right, and they treat us and our customers right, too. No exceptions.

What is your normal cleaning crew allocation?

In most cases, a Castle Cleaning commercial cleaning crew consists of an English-speaking supervisor and two additional cleaning personnel.

Do you have a motto at Castle Cleaning?

Yes, we do! And it is very simple:
We are thorough, reliable, affordable and we guarantee our work to the customer’s total satisfaction. No exceptions! If a Castle Cleaning customer is not totally satisfied, we will have a crew out there as soon as possible to correct any issues.

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